'First Planting' Classic Topaque

Amber and golden colour with the merest hint of a green hue, this wine offers aromas of malt, exotic spices and nut-brown butter. The palate is decadently luscious with a truly lingering flavour of fruit cake and the finish shows a waft of smokiness (500ml).


Topaque is the new name for the variety formerly known as Tokay in Australia that was named after the wines of the north-eastern corner of Hungary, a region known as Tokaj-Hegyalja. The wines in this area are intensely flavoured, sweet wines made from Furmint, a variety not planted in Australia. In Hungary, the Furmint grapes are allowed to hang on the vine until they begin to dehydrate and develop high levels of sugar. The wines produced from these grapes are rare and highly prized. In early Australian winemaking, attempts were made to replicate them using the variety Muscadelle. Following many years of aging in cask, a unique Australian style emerged and was referred to as Liqueur Tokay. Now that Australia is moving away from using borrowed names, such as Champagne and Chablis, and developing new names to describe our wines, it has been agreed that Topaque will be used to define our unique wine style.

Tasting Notes