Sevenhill Cellars Tickled Pink by Trophy Win


Sevenhill Cellars is elated to announce the success of their 2023 Inigo Grenache Rosé being awarded the Trophy for Best Rosé in Show at Friday’s Clare Valley Wine Show.

The regional industry benchmark for excellence, the Clare Valley Wine Show recognises achievement in winemaking and viticulture.

Founded in 1851, Sevenhill Cellars blends 172 years of heritage with innovative practice, in recent years working to reinvigorate their vineyards, wine styles and labelling, a continuation of their long legacy and reputation for quality.

The Inigo Grenache Rosé celebrates the impressive collaboration between traditional winemaking and modern style, being handpicked and selectively harvested from high yielding parcels of heritage clone Grenache vines planted in 1920.

Winemaker Will Shields chose to use Grenache for the Rosé as one of the hero varietals of Sevenhill. "It’s an honour to be able to work with century old vines to produce wines of the highest caliber that represent the unique site we have at Sevenhill”. He goes on to speak on his own winemaking philosophy of working with each block to retain and enhance the best fruit characteristics “We decided to use Grenache to bring a highly aromatic appeal to the wine, with the fruit just jumping out of the glass. We allowed only a couple of hours on skins and kept the style dry to allow those beautiful Grenache fruit expressions to shine through”.

Viticulturist at Sevenhill Cellars for 24 years, Craig Richards on the award says “This trophy reaffirms our commitment to showcasing the exceptional vineyards that define Sevenhill. We believe that the wine is an expression of what occurs in the vineyard, and having centurion vines in our portfolio is such a unique opportunity". Craig continues, speaking on attributing the trophy to the continual elevation of quality in the vineyards, and the intent focus that has been given to the Grenache varietal to leverage the heritage vines “We have an unwavering commitment in the viticulture and winemaking teams to being one of the premier Grenache producers in the region, allowing the expression of fruit and our unique estate to be seen through the final product”.

On the success, Jonathan O’Neill, General Manager says “The entire Sevenhill Cellars team, board and the Jesuits are thrilled by another outstanding achievement. As the Clare Valley’s first winery, our commitment to producing wines that express our unique estate is unwavering, and this award is a tribute to the dedication of our winemakers, viticulturists, and everyone who contributes to the journey of our wines from vine to bottle".