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NV Sparkling Shiraz

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Sevenhill’s extensive plantings of Shiraz are marked by vine age that ranges from 20-160 years. These mature vines, combined with fruit from more recently planted blocks, provide fruit of great depth and diversity.


The Sparkling Shiraz was produced as a blend of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 vintages. These years were marked by dry weather during spring, but fruit development was aided by summer rain at critical times during the growing season.


The blend of three years gives complexity from age, but also freshness from the younger parcel. Following fermentation, some aged stock of vintage fortified Shiraz was added to provide balance and a touch of sweetness. The Charmat method of secondary fermentation in a pressurised tank gives the wine its sparkling character.


The palate is rich and fresh, with many layers of complexity, finishing with fruit-cake spice.

Price: $30.00