'Attic' Liqueur Verdelho

The palate is rich and silky, with flavours of candied orange peel, followed by a toasty caramel and nutty, lingering finish. The wine can be chilled slightly to enjoy as an apéritif or as a dessert accompaniment with dried fruit and aged vintage cheddar or strongly flavoured blue cheese (500ml).


Verdelho is a Portuguese variety that is most famous for its use in some of the long-lived fortified wines of Madeira. At Sevenhill, when the Verdelho is picked to make table wine, some of the fruit is left on the vine to increase the sugar levels and to develop richer tropical/dried apricot fruit flavours. This small parcel of fruit is used to make a fortified wine in the style of a ‘White Port’, one of the few made in Australia. As such, it has developed something of a cult following among wine enthusiasts.

Tasting Notes