'Two Shrines' Fine Old Tawny

Tawny, reddish brown in colour, there are spicy raisin fruit aromas underpinned by clean aged characters of roasted nuts. The palate is rich and mouth-filling, initially with flavours of red fruits, smoke and old wood. The palate is long with a satisfying dryness to the finish (500ml).


Sevenhill Fine Old Tawny is produced from old vines on the Sevenhill estate, with viticultural practices having a significant role in shaping the wine’s character. Grenache, Touriga and Shiraz varieties are allowed to ripen to around 16 Baumé before they are harvested. The yield from each vine is very low as a result of pruning to achieve minimal bunches of concentrated flavour. The yield is further reduced by gradual raisining of the berries as they ripen all the way into late autumn.

Tasting Notes